Saturday 23 April 2016

Empowering Self: Why Bother with Discipline?

Because it could be a positive power or be a destructive power! Because it’s something that can feel uplifting or depressing… And I discovered it’s got to do with the energy you choose when you are disciplining yourself or others. What’s the texture and spirit to your discipline related actions?

Struggling to discipline myself to focus on the task at hand or to do the exercises, I realized the feeling of deprivation looming up – feeling like one had to do the compulsory thing and miss the greener stuff! Why when discipline is about doing the right things to get the right results would such feelings overcome one to create the quick escape into meaningless activities? The illogical answer I got was it felt safer and stress free, it felt like I escaped the dreaded task, though the task at hand, my conscious mind told me was actually not so aversive to me.

How our mind works can explain this. The nature of our experiences, particularly childhood ones, stimulates feelings that get associated to activities and things. This makes us want to do something when it has a positive feeling going with it and escape it when it’s a negative feeling that goes with it. A feeling further is not just a feeling but a vibration, an energy and it makes our energy system flow or be blocked, blocking us from being able to do what we need to do! Discipline for many brings to the mind feelings of being forced, punished or pushed. This means that this is how they experienced discipline in their lives. The sounds and images associated would have been those of being shouted at, put down and not having a chance to say anything. The activity seems burdensome and has some threat attached to it. This is discipline governed by the energy of fear. Everytime then you think of “I have to get this done.” it gets associated with all these heavy feelings!

With the energy of fear, you either escape discipline and procrastinate or you work with the whip on yourself and others in a regime of strictness and fear, with strenuous will power experiencing “life as tough” and no time for feelings or nurturance!

What if, instead we could create beautiful images of discipline as moving towards success, as ‘happy challenges’ as caring for oneself and believing in one’s talent? Whether you succeeded or not you could feel excited to give yourself the possibility you deserve. You see it as building yourself and as growth and having the goodness of health and vitality, of clean spaces, of an easier time with everything neat, clean and handy. It could be the path to creating more of the good for yourself. This is the energy of love guiding your discipline related actions.

That is exactly what it is, when your emotional state when you discipline yourself to exercise, do your accounts, put away your things or prepare for the meeting or the exam would be – a state of positive expectation and caring.

Discipline is a way of making things work, getting results and therefore happiness and success.
It is the way to emotional stability when you relate to discipline with the energy of love.
You see it as a way of loving oneself, keeping self respect and respect of others. It is a way of doing good team work, doing your part. It is the way you are fair, honest and a lovable person.

You bring for yourself effectiveness and you contribute to others, with the motto “Make life easy for others!” You follow through on your commitments. People trust you and understand you. As the ’yes’ for life gets bigger in this way, saying ‘no’ to T.V. and all the time wasters becomes almost automatic.

So shake off the energy of fear, step into the energy of love and feel the true joy with discipline. It means you make conscious caring choices with these four areas to do what’s aligned with your values and outcomes and make your life, relationships and happiness expand for you and your loved ones around you –
  • Your lifestyle, chores & daily routine
  • Managing your emotions 
  • Doing the tasks related to your role and work 
  • Strengthening and expressing your talents & purpose 

Enjoy and wishing you happy disciplining with your work and your habits leading you into your higher potentials and the radiant vitality that is you!