Traditional models of psychology and psychiatry often focus on diagnosis rather than change. Psychiatry and psychology have often labeled symptoms accurately but failed to create impact and in fact become depression promoting by promoting the belief that patients have a chronic genetic and biochemical condition. This blocks trust in the possibility of healing! 

Our approach based on modern dynamic therapies is focused on the possibilities for healing and change. Rather than think of a person as disordered, the issue is understood by identifying sabotaging behaviour patterns, belief and emotional blockages and energy disturbances. These are then systematically cleared through insights, tools and inner mind processes. 

These therapies are powerful, medication free, mind, body and soul therapies for restoring wellbeing: 

 Family therapy 
This is a systems approach that focuses on understanding people in their contexts rather than with the limitations of ‘one person psychology’, dealing with interactions and relationship dynamics. Symptoms of emotional disturbance are seen as a way of coping and are seen as a ‘normal’ response to an ‘abnormal or difficult’ family situation.

 Neuro Linguistic Psychology NLP 
NLP is the systematic study of human performance for excellence and results. NLP examines how we perceive and experience our reality and is known for its ability to create quick long lasting change by re-programming the mind at sub-conscious mind levels. It draws attention to powerful ways of keeping your state of mind resourceful for all circumstances.

Skills Training and Psychological insights 
These enable balanced thinking and attitudes, and facilitate mind and behavioural training. This creates higher performance as people make effective choices for managing relationships, conflicts, motivating and managing self and others. 

Hypnosis is a safe, medically proven therapeutic process (medically recognized by British & American Medical Organizations). It is the process by which a person is taken through deep relaxation methods to altered states of brain activity to their sub-conscious mind levels. While in a hypnotic trance, you are neither unconscious nor asleep, but rather in a deeply relaxed state that renders the mind highly focused and ready to accept suggestions to help you accomplish your goals. Suggestions placed in the mind at these deeper levels, become powerful and a person can change in the way they desire. Hypnosis is the epitome of mind-body medicine. Smoking can be stopped, weight loss could be easier or anger and anxiety become easily managed and the person becomes calmer. Hypnotherapy has many applications for mind body wellness, confidence building, emotional management, motivation and relationship management. The significant advantage that Hypnotherapy has over other therapies is its almost startling speed of cure. “The therapeutic effects of a number of years of meditation and/or psychotherapy can be achieved over a few sessions of hypnotherapy.”-Sunny Satin, head Hypnotherapist, CIH, CA. 

 Age regression & Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) 
This consists of both present life recall and past life understanding to deal with present life conflicts. All experiences from this present life and past lives are recorded in our subconscious mind. Negative emotions (guilt, anger, fear, anxieties) and negative experiences manifest themselves as diseases.  Client’s conflicts are understood to stem from unfinished business related to events in the past – earlier age in this life or prior lifetimes. It also involves retrieving lost energy and clearing of foreign or negative energy and thought blockages. Releasing the unfinished business and experiencing new understanding of the past life events can bring back balance and success.

 Foreign Energy Dynamics 
“The secular approach to spirit release, vastly different from ritualistic and forceful practices of before, is increasingly practised in North America and the U.K. It derives, not from religious belief, but from a pragmatic approach to therapy.” Dr Alan Sanderson MD.
People may suffer symptoms due to spirit interferences. At death a spirit may fail to go into the Light due to unfinished business or confusions and attach to a living person. This affects the wellbeing in one way or other. Uncovering the attachment and facilitating its release through systematic and peaceful processes brings in dramatic benefit for the client.

 Emotional Freedom Therapy 
 EFT is a method of tapping on the energy points on the meridian system that removes blockages from disturbing life events and restores the energy flow helping a person feel emotionally and physically healthy. 

 Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing Therapy 
This is a form of therapy that activates left and right brain processing to resolve current and past issues and desensitize a person from trauma memories and traumatic events. 

 Somatic Experiencing 
Somatic experiencing as the name suggests encourages a person to experience the feelings in the body, to soothe and heal the body and thereby restore the nervous system and the sub-conscious mind to balance. This brings in positivity in the person’s thoughts and emotions.

 Chakra Healing and Strengthening 
Everything in the world is energy. Other words for energy are prana, chi, qui, or life force. This energy is subtle and not visible to our capabilities though psychics can see it and now with special photography it can be seen.  Our energy system consists of our aura (our personal energy field within which we exist), our chakras (the main energy vortexes along our spinal column that are aligned in their location with our endocrine system and many other smaller ones at our joints and intersection points that are regulators of the flow of energy in our field and are receiving and releasing points of energy from the world outside us) and our meridian system (that runs through our whole body and circulates our energy to various parts of our mind and body). Blockages and interferences occur from past events, emotional stress; other’s thought forms, psychic attacks and toxins in food and with pollution and disturb and damage our chakras and auras. These energy fields can be cleansed, healed, energized and balanced. Since everything in this world is energy including our thoughts and emotions we need to keep our energy fields in vitality. 

 Imagery Healing 
This is a therapeutic process using mental imagery for physical and mental healing and personal growth. Imagery is a bridge between emotions, energy and the body. Through the use of image after appropriately stilling and clearing blockages, we may stimulate our body and energy systems and create healing and manifestation of our health and desires. 

Sounds and thoughts have vibrational frequencies. Chanting or stating potent mantras or positive thoughts can raise our vibrational states. This is the science of focusing on positive self guiding statements in one’s mind enables a person to create positive changes and manifest positive events in their lives. An affirmation is choosing a positive thought, a kind of personal mantra to a desired change for yourself.

Awareness of one’s breath, focusing on it and training oneself in different ways of breathing become ways to de stress and strengthen one self. 

This is a powerful system of physical exercise, breathing and meditation that strengthens the body and mind and brings them into unity.

 The 5 Tibetans Rites 
These are a set of potent exercises, originally developed by the Lamas of Tibet that work on the chakra system and the endocrine system, balancing and ensuring their smooth functioning. They are potent for restoring your health, vitality and even reversing the aging process.

It is the practice of relaxing the body, stilling and silencing the mind so that you may connect with your divinity and the higher powers of the Universe. You can thereby strengthen intuition, balance and rejuvenate the mind

This is a communication with God or the Universal Powers that is made from a place of appreciation and understanding of what exist and a sincerity towards that which is sought.