We have created the Wisdom System for Holistic Mind Processes that offers powerful tools, techniques and insights that enable you to understand yourself, your circumstances and discover fulfilling ways of relating personally and professionally.

Through CPP’s WiSH Mind Processes you can…
Increase inner awareness 
Understand yours and others needs, feelings and actions 
Communicate effectively
Become aware of the effects of yours and others behaviour
Feel more in control in tough situations 
Stay creative and focused
Strengthen/Restore your health
Heal traumas
Align yourself with the energy of love and release any energy of fear
Attract and create what you desire 
Experience mind body and soul as a unifying force


CPP offers integrated packages of WiSH workshops including special coaching for social workers, healers, counselors, HR professionals, managers, teachers, volunteers to sharpen skills to facilitate change and support in their fields.

We offer the following workshops:

 WiSH Mind Processes with Neuro Linguistic Psychology (NLP) Practitioner Course A 5 day course giving you a certification from NFNLP, U.S.A. that transforms a person’s experience of living with the systematic study of human performance for excellence and results.

 WiSH Parenting Levels 1 & 2 
You can build your child’s E.Q. with confidence, positive thinking, values and social skills.

 WiSH Relationships at Work & WiSH Relationships in Personal Living 
Positive communications and approaches can create the desired balance and keep harmony and love and get people to work at optimum levels.

 WiSH Wellness for Mind Body & Soul 
Discover mind truths that can create wellness. The workshop covers basic EFT, chakra and imagery healing tools.

 WiSH Mind Processes with the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) 
EFT is a method that uses tapping on energy points that heals disruptions in energy systems and restores energy flow. 

 WiSH Mind Processes to Strengthening Energy 
This workshop covers chakra and aura  awareness with tools to strengthen chakras such as chakra meditations, 5 Tibetan Rites and Breathing exercises.

 WiSH Living with Self Hypnosis 
Place suggestions at deeper mind levels to bring back control of your life.

 WiSH Wellness with Imagery Healing 
Learn the power of images in healing illness.


Individual sessions are available for anyone who has concerns about:
+ Acquiring independent life skills
+ Developing self-confidence & self-esteem
+ Achieving one’s potentials
+ Following a positive & healthy lifestyle
+ Healing mind & body illness with mind power
+ Losing weight & gaining fitness
+ Overcoming anxiety, panic states & depression
+ Controlling anger
+ Releasing fears & phobias
+ Overcoming guilt
+ Overcoming insomnia & sleep issues
+ Handling control issues
+ Managing stress & releasing past traumas
+ Sustaining motivation, handling exam or work pressures
+ Resolving pre-marital & marital issues, being prepared for marriage
+ Feeling anxiety free & well during pregnancy 
+ Handling parenting concerns
+ Dealing with children, teenage & millenial problems
+ Strengthening family living & resolving conflict
+ Handling separation, divorce & its effects on children
+ Becoming safe from domestic violence & abuse
+ Healing from sexual abuse for children & adults
+ Overcoming suicide related concerns & issues – prevention, stresses
+ Handling grief & loss
+ Overcoming self sabotaging habits such as nail biting, hair pulling
+ Recovering from eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia
+ Recovering from addictions like smoking, alcohol, relationship dependency, internet, gaming, T.V. babits
+ Recovering ethical behavior from having lied or cheated
+ Work on healing physiological disturbances such as diabetes, blood pressure and others

Outsourced Coaching & Counseling support 
Corporates, NGOs or Organizations can make these services available for their staff to resolve personal or workplace related concerns.  The advantages of outsourced support for coaching & counseling are:
+ Safety and confidentiality
+ Proactive responses to issues before they escalate
+ Reduced absenteeism and disruption of morale
+ Increased mental presence 
+ Fewer errors and enhanced productivity

What you can expect: 
Completely confidential.
Standard sessions are 60 minutes. It is possible to schedule longer sessions if required. 
All sessions are held with prior appointment only.
Sessions via telephone or Skype can be arranged by appointment too.