Saturday, 23 April 2016

FEATURE: The Final Act

Ameeta Sanghavi Shah also advocates developing a new purpose. “Do some social work, consulting, learn a new talent. One hears of elders taking a new degree. If you recognise that we live again and again, this is not a waste of time. After all, knowledge is what we will take with us, not money and things.” Says Ameeta Sanghavi Shah, “When you retire, not only are you deprived of yes men at work, but your children have also grown up and they are not saying ‘yes’ any more. It’s natural to feel neglected and ignored. It’s important to recognise that this is a natural life cycle. And to prepare for it by getting your ego satisfaction through other activities. Many men feel that they will have more time to spend with their wives, but they don’t recognise that the wife has her own set routine, and their presence may actually disturb her.” 
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