Today’s society seeks equality, freedom and infinite possibilities that at the same time brings constant change, pressure and growing needs. Stress manifests as rising conflict, confusion, fears, self-doubt, anxiety, depression and health issues. We at CPP believe that now more than ever that we need to look within and find a balance for our minds. 


This was a wonderful experience and a lot of awakening and self awareness. I am glad I did these sessions with you Ameeta. 
Malavika Gadiyar

The significant difference I now find is that I don’t rush and handle situations in quick hasty ways, I find myself calmer and more resourceful and then actually see a significant difference in what happens. This was really worth it and can already see its changing the quality of my living. Ameeta’s style is refreshing. 
Ms. V. S. Designer

Ameeta Shah runs a very informative and useful course. Her experience is invaluable, hence me and my other American School friends found ourselves attending the part 2 course and additional practice sessions later and have reaped great benefits with our children. 
Ms Debbie Riley