Saturday 23 April 2016

The Power of Positive Power

Power is the energy we use to live our lives and get our work done from ourselves or others.
Both the uncertainties of life and pressures of performance create in us fears.
Fears of the possible risks, and of failures and success.
These get activated when things don’t happen the way we want.
Someone does not listen, a trip we planned does not go the way it should have, the project we took up meets some roadblocks. We get reminded of the uncertainty or of performance stresses. We may get strangely more fearful than relaxed with every success as there is now more to lose if failure were to confront us. That’s when the energy to get the work done shifts from that of love to that of fear. 

What is the problem with using the energy of fear?
…Because how we get work done from ourselves or others will be coloured with fear. This will create disharmony and imbalance.When using fear, the gain we may somehow get in one area will result in a loss in another area of life. For example you succeed in the work area and lose out in the health area. Fear changes our actions or sometimes it is more subtle. It can change our intentions though the action has remained exactly the same. Colours of fear show up in various tones and hues. Intentions become about ego, domination, violence, borrowing authority from status or possessions, trying to impress rather than act in truth, jealousy, feeling left out, competing, getting angry, shouting, getting stuck, procrastinating, falling sick, giving up… in short some sort of disharmony. Even if we continue and eventually succeed we are exhausted as it’s like going uphill without respite. Being in harsh clime or territory, the winds too forceful and the sun almost cruel on our backs or the night too dark and cold. 

Instead positive power is like walking in a light shower of sunshine, feeling the breeze or experiencing the luminescent moon and bright stars.
You take action, meet the roadblocks and consistently turn your fear into faith, faith most of all in your vision whether the current reality supports it or not.
 Faith is the energy of love in your purpose in your potential and sometimes in other’s potentials.
 To recover the energy of love shine your spotlight on what is working and consistently keep using these to take your life forward
. You treat the situation as a place for learning matters of the heart for yourself and a challenge to get creative. 

Many people have converted their trouble spot into a creative challenge and built their wealth and purpose from it! You have Helen Keller, Lance Armstrong, and yoga guru Iyengar exactly turned his childhood asthma problems into the pursuit of health that has landed him on the world map!
Colours of love appear as faith, purposefulness, acceptance not approval of limitations, a focus on where to put one’s energy, choices, calmness, gratitude, forgiving, setting limits, problem-solving and staying on course
. You do things not from fear but from understanding and choice.

Easier said than done…

Positive power needs our ‘caring to make careful choices’! Choices that recognize consequences in an imperfect world and then being ready to take on the consequences or better still doing that something more to reduce negative consequences.
 What are ways to reduce negative consequences – either a creative step or a negotiation, persuasion or even a healthy detach from specific things or behaviours, not from all of life or the entire person. 

Most of all positive power will need you to center yourself and return to your first intention of creating something better for the world or your loved ones or yourself in harmonious ways. Your intention remains a loving one.
 This way your inner thought and inner feeling can stay positive with the outer action you are undertaking. Therefore truly positive power is an inner to outer journey at every step of the way.
 Why is this important? Love is unifying consistent and abundant and with the law of attraction you will with your success have unity, peace, stability and abundance!
 Many dynamic therapies heal the fears and transform fear into power and help you in your inner journey to your sub-conscious and super-conscious mind enabling you to live more joyfully rather than fearfully.